A Safety Announcement

May we have you attention for a safety announcement. 

Your Life Jacket is under your seat. Place the Life Jacket over your head, fasten the seatbelt around your waist and tighten the strap. To inflate your Life Jacket , pull the red tabs firmly downwards. The life Jacket can also be inflated manually. Please note the emergency exits are clearly marked with green exit signs on both sides of the aircraft. There are 8 exits in total: 2 at the front, 4 in the middle and 2 at the rear of the cabin. Please put on your Life Jacket before attempting to assist others. The safety information card in your seat pocket contains additional information, if you need any further assistance please contact the cabin crew, Thank you for your attention.

Many people who travel regularly have heard and are overly used to hearing the “safety announcement”, usually without giving it a great deal of thought. However it just astonishes me how many of us find today’s newspaper or mobile Phone more important than fresh knowledge at saving lives.

Lets just hope the Pilot’s phone is away….

The Life Jacket analogy has been used time and time again in movies, talks and stories the world over. A personal definition to the analogy of a “Life’ Jacket – “We’re in the best position to render continued assistance if we’re not taking our last breath”.

In life, much less like split decision emergencies in planes, we often have a life-time to put on our Life Jackets. Most know its there, but we seem to be pre-occupied with a sense of productiveness and busy-ness to bother putting it on.

“We’re in the best position to render continued assistance when we’re not taking our last breath – BN”.

The fact of the matter is we are in a better position to offer assistance when we acknowledge self care. We’re not only speaking of health, wealth and wellbeing here. We’re speaking about offering people “the how” to fulfillment and personal growth through preparedness and readiness. To be able to pass the knowledge on and give others the ability to break through pain barriers on the road to dream realisation.

Most who have achieved a level of success they’re happy with are ecstatic to render assistance as mentors, coaches and business guru’s to thoes who ask for help. Many of these people have learned to put on their own Life Jacket before assist the masses, they’ve learned that to achieve a specific level of success, they’ve had to prioritise.

“Strengthen yourself, your knowledge, skills and talents to help others”.

This is being accomplished all the time – for example: If you hire a personal fitness instructor to become healthier, you could expect they would be in peak physical fitness themselves. One could argue they’ve put on their own Life Jacket (making themselves fit) as an example of good health and how its done. When we’re in a position to look after ourselves mentally and physically, we are much stronger position to help others with their own Life Jacket.

Being on track toward attaining our dreams, passion and aspirations is the key to helping others who also desire to achieve their own personal and professional objectives. How do we put on our own Life Jacket and what it means.

Below are some ideas:

  • Putting yourself first to re-align yourself with what’s important to you. Strengthen yourself, your knowledge, skills and talents to help others.
  • Learn to say No when needed, without explanation.
  • Loving who you are and knowing your key talents. Once known, learning how to expose these talents for the betterment of the world.
  • Learning to be comfortable in your own skin, but keep a continued thirst for knowledge in what interests you.
  • Locating YOUR key to happiness and satisfaction through self love. It’s not other people’s job to love you, its yours.

Wearing our own Life Jacket is the only way we can be in the strongest possible position to bring about lasting resilient change.