About Barry

Barry Nicolaou“We must stop walking about like we have forever to live. Our purpose must be to discover our sense of urgency in fulfilling our personal truth & passion. This is the best way we can be of service to the world.” – BN

Barry started in the Australian footwear trade almost 16 years ago. He was known as “the Footwear-oracle”- transforming retail based Fashion and Footwear thinking in the field of exceptional customer service. He is change agent on inspiring new levels of customer service practices and culture change in footwear and fashion stores.

Being in the footwear industry since 2002, Barry founded his footwear training agency in 2009 and became a nationally recognised Cert IV Training and Assessment officer in 2010. He also founded and launched Australia’s leading wholesale footwear agency; SolePlan Pty Ltd in 2014, to distribute Australia’s main wholesale footwear brands B2B.


After an epiphany at a Graveyard in late 2015, Barry started writing every morning between 5am -6am for 12 months. He has the unique ability to speak from the heart and does so while presenting seminars on his now #1 In’t Best Selling book on Amazon named “The 11 Master Secrets to Business Success and Personal Fulfilment”. The book has taken on a life of its own outlining the 11 main areas faced when striving for the structured dream. These same 11 areas are also the identical catalyst when in the pursuit of personal fulfillment.

His passion has now lead him to pioneering new formats and themes for well-being festivals all over the country, interviewing masters in personal development and personal fulfilment. Barry’s almost obsessive drive for understanding the connection between Mind, Body and Spirit for achieving personal growth is his personal drive for achieving our true calling.

He is a thought leader on personal change, self-love and personal development. Barry believes that finding a perspective on passion and personal truth is the answer to living a no-regrets life. This is Barry’s unique gift and he share it passionately with those who wish to make the transition into their personal higher calling.

Book # 2 is currently in the works.

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