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Barry Nicolaou

“There’s no better time than now to transform your life into a direction you feel is more in -line with your personal purpose and passion. Life is all about believing in our own power and ability to arrive where we want to be. We must consistently make strides towards our personal truth. Fulfilling this divinely given truth is something most people shy away from – but ultimately it’s the truth that will unleash our creative talents – and the people you’ll touch along the way will be glad you did… 

The 11 Master Secrets to Business Success and Personal Fulfilment is the ultimate seminar produced as guide posts on the way to Inspiring us to love our dreams. We aspire to speak to the “dream chaser” in all of us. Our Dreams and visions are all given to us for the reason of living them. The question is will we have the courage to pursue, or will “being practical” win the day? Thats will always be our call.

There aren’t a great many of us who make a conscience effort to delete the “negative stuff” hidden away in the basement of our thoughts. Most of us place our negative unprocessed emotions into a “Recycle Bin” – off screen but only a click away. To accomplish something new, we must do away with the old. This includes old thought patterns, ideologies, paradigms and negativity in all forms. Just like the humble caterpillar, it must transform to fly.

The presumption is some people become “lucky” in life, when in fact, on many occasions this is rarely the case. The “lucky” ones have practised for years in private what we in the outside world praises them for in public.

We make informed decisions everyday. Sometimes we experience success and more often than not, failure. Obstacles are there as teachers to guide us into greater hemispheres of thinking, learning and execution while separating those with a burning desire for success to those who may have the courage to act when all the conditions are right. Note to self: The conditions are almost never right. The challenge also lies in the fact that we can make no mistakes and still lose. The answer to many of life’s challenges in sales, success and being of service comes down to our persistence in finding another way around our obstacles & to make this part of our habitual thinking process. Once we make a clear decision on our state of mind, no challenge is too large – our ability to get where we want to be is well within our capabilities. The few among us who believe and live this ethos accomplish their desires – while to others, the word “lucky”, is the best way to describe the eventual fortunate set of circumstances we see.

The 11 Master Secrets Ethos: “To cultivate the ability to deal with negative moments and bungee-up to positive actions and thoughts as soon as we feel ourselves slipping into negative or doubtful thinking. We must do this with focus and as a conscious decision. Realise the lessons that will be learned from the current situation and take them on board with humility an learning. If we can pass through these discovery moments, we’ll witness opportunities, the opening of doors and greatness manifest into our reality” 

With a range of Customer Service inspired seminars, Barry is the presenter of the successful and empowering “The 11 Master Secrets to Business Success and Personal Fulfillment” seminar for sales staff business owners and individuals who wish to work out a strategy for working through life’s persistent and consistent, mental and physical challenges to achieve the success we’ve always wanted.

Informa Exhibitions Interview with Barry August 2014 here.



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