Beating Murphy

It’s not easy to cope with Murphy’s law – and doesn’t he come knocking at the worst possible time? Hello, here i am to muck up your plans! 

There are a group of people out there who’ve discovered their true purpose. These people have discovered what they really want to do with their lives and are living it everyday. And let me tell you its not an exclusive club with strict entry rules.

Anyone can join provided you can beat Murphy at his own game. How do we do this? In most cases successful people are individuals everyone looks up to and asks how. Then when we’ can’t fully comprehend the “how” we use words like “lucky” and “fortunate” to describe their circumstance. But if we look closer at people who are doing what they love, they’ve only succeeded because they’ve developed a strategy to deal with frequent visitations from Murphy’s law (an innate expectation and coping strategy for unplanned situations)

If you drive a car here’s an analogy we can all resonate with. A car has 3 main modes of momentum. Forward, Neutral and Reverse. The same can be said about our thoughts. We either feel happy & passionate about our lives (Forward), neither happy or sad (Neutral) Or we feel down, negative, depressed or doubtful (Reverse). It is our job to know that Murphy constantly whacks our gear stick into Reverse. Successful people have developed a strategy to place the car into drive and in most cases (pardon the continued analogy) decided to drive a manual car with 6 forward gears and one reverse gear to tip the odds in their favour.

If we expect visits from Murphy its not big deals when he shows up. Do not give him an opportunity to stay or he’ll make himself at home an may even convince you to trust him….

“Cultivate the ability to deal with negative moments and bungee-up to positive actions and thoughts as soon as you feel yourself slipping into negative or doubtful thinking. You must do this with focus and as a conscious decision. Realise the lessons that will be learned from the current situation and take them on board with strategy and humility. If you can pass through these discovery moments, you’ll witness opportunities, the opening of doors and greatness manifest into your reality” – BN

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