The 11 Master Secrets To Business Success & Personal Fulfilment: How To Get Through Life’s Most Common Obstacles To Drive Personal Change

The 11 Master Secrets To Business Success & Personal Fulfilment: How To Get Through Life’s Most Common Obstacles To Drive Personal Change
Publisher: Evolve Instant Author -
ASIN: 1523451254
ISBN: 781523451258

Ever wondered what the most common hurdles are to achieving your passion? Ever wanted to know how to leave security? Have you had family or respected friends tell you it’s not possible?

Here’s your personal guide to your possibilities. In these pages you will find examples, stories and strategi...

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About the Book
11 secrets

What are the 11 Master Secrets?

The 11 Master Secrets are a combination of life’s greatest lessons on hardship, strategy, resilience and triumph. The ultimate secrets to achievement. The lessons are taken from achievers many of which have gone through struggle and doubt to reach the level of success they had wanted for themselves. Should you choose to embrace this book, you will find in its pages a blueprint for achieving the destiny you’ve always wanted. The only criteria you need to have is to firstly the courage to begin and secondly the resilience to continue when life throws you those inevitable curve balls….

Master Secret 10 – Know you become what you think about most. 

“People feel they’re successful when they earn a lot of money, when the exact opposite is true. You can only earn a lot of money, when you’re successful at what you do.”  Earl Nightingale –

There’s nothing more important than the thoughts we have in our mind at this very second and every second that follows after that. Our thoughts quickly link and manifest into our reality so one must be careful what we think about and talk about every minute of the day. The trap to why most of us go nowhere is we counter play the positive momentum with negative self-talk. For example: I’d really like to have a Million dollar annual income but I know ill never get there. Or I want a person to love me for me, but I know he doesn’t exist. Or my favorite – I want to change the world, but I don’t want to change myself. Consequently the only way we can change the world is to change ourselves.

Thoughts can also play a similar role to filing petrol up in your vehicle. Your engine will run better if you give it the best petrol right? The engine of your vehicle will also take you anywhere you want to go. So how can we expect engine performance out of dirty petrol? We must be careful what goes into our mental tank if we want the best performance out of our vehicle.

Beware the Time/energy Transfer Exchange:

The transference of time happens everyday without us realising it. Some of the more popular transfers are: transferring time from money, time for helping another, time for dedicating yourself to a cause, time for patience, time for loved ones etc. Are we seeing the theme? Time is our true currency, not money.

The most prominent time transfer is the invisible exchange when two or more people invest time together.  So, be extremely mindful whom you decide to spend time with. All people carry with them an energy field which you’re exchanging for your time. The energy field that I’m referring to is how they feel about themselves the world and their friends and families. I then ask myself, can I truly assist this person in front of me or are they only interested in telling me how crazy their circus is orchestrated and how they like being the ringmaster.

In understanding that we become what we think about, our environment plays a large role and researches have even gone as far as to say that environment can play as large a role as hereditary. Who are you surrounding yourself with? Is it a toxic energy or complimentary to the life you want to live? Harsh changes may need to be made.

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