Culture Expert

Barry is a passionate facilitator of organizational cultural synergy. He thrives on exposing the self-defeating business practices that hinder business growth.

Barry’s core message as a business facilitator is to drive employee synergy through complete cultural enhancement. This is accomplished by analysing your current cultural challenges and co-creating a road map towards cultural alignment – making sure staff feel and understand the passion behind why the business does what it does. This can come in the form of a seminar event, staff talk or a strategic Implementation outline.

Barry’s obsession with business synergy and individual personal development, has lead to the creation and worldwide success of his #1 In’t Best Selling Book – The 11 Master Secrets to Business Success and Personal Fulfillment.

Beginning at ECCO Shoes 2002, Barry became a nationally recognized Training and Assessment officer in 2010. He also founded and launched B2B Industry website ShoeCircle – in 2014. Given his passion for purposeful living, Barry has the unique ability to speak from the heart and does so while presenting key-note addresses surrounding the ethos behind “The 11 Master Secrets of Business Success and Personal Fulfillment” at upcoming trade fairs and corporations across the country.

Background: Barry’s background began with transforming thinking within fashion and footwear retail stores in the fields of customer service and personal customer fulfillment. He began and still remains a passionate advocate on inspiring customer fulfillment practices and culture change in retail stores since.

After a great deal of research and planning, he quit his 6-figure job to take a leap for a personal dream. He founded footwear Industry website ShoeCircle in 2014 as a B2B buying portal for Australia’s Independent Footwear Industry. ShoeCircle has facilitated new collaboration through innovation while revolutionising wholesale purchasing behavior. The company has over 200 retail stores as members who collectively possess an open-to-buy cache close to $90 Million.

Following this success, Barry has taken his passion to writing. His jovial, sincere, speak from the heart style has lead him to further success; his first book on personal growth has shot to In’t #1. The 11 Master Secrets to Business Success and Personal Fulfillment is an insightful read for people wanting to understand and uncover the most common obstacles for business purpose and personal growth.

Barry’s accompanying Implementation strategies also make it extremely easy to prepare, pursue and make the mental transition for pursing our life purpose path. From the success of the book, Barry now engages audiences and inspirational seminars based on the 11 Master Secret’s principles founded in the book.

Barry’s almost obsessive belief for finding an immediate perspective on personal truth is truly contagious and uplifting for all who choose to listen. Encouraging audiences to encapsulate the feeling of Inspiration and then strategies to make the leap into Inspired decision making is Barry’s passion. Barry’s unique gift and he shares it with those who are on the cusp of change. Barry’s now 1-1 coaching sessions are specifically tailored for each client. He passionately co-creates a personal road map for each client seeking an amazing life.