Customer Service – Its In you DNA

Customer Service has become such a loosely used term of late.

A recent press release from an incoming CEO at a major U.S freight company was quoted as saying: “It’s no longer our job to satisfy our customers, it’s our job to amaze them”. To a cynic, this sounds like a catch cry, to an optimist the quote may have sounded genuine. Regardless of which, the statement is correct. How many company owners or staff would wake up in the morning and have a similar tag line in mind as they began their day? Not many.

Some say providing excellent customer service should be in our DNA, after all every human being is a someone’s customer. I believe in recent times, may of us are very familiar with the term but the act seems harder and harder to locate.

Teaching to serve with authenticity, humility, tenacity and passion is an area every business and retail store should have as a core element of their message to market. Through a thorough induction process, 1 of the 5 major personality traits will reveal itself. These traits are: openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism – advanced by Ernest Tupes and Raymond Christal in 1961.

Regardless of the trait, having the ability to encapsulate what i like to call “Emotional Service” is an essential ingredient to position your unique selling proposition compared to your competitors. Most other unique market USP’s surround price, location and product. All useless of customer service is lousy.

We have to believe that kindness, the thirst for knowledge, being of service and gratitude comes more naturally to the human heart while being of service. This is the difference between being served, and well, being served.

When we break it all down, It’s the ultimate feeling of fulfillment and gratitude when we’re in service of others that makes us so happy to continue doing so. It’s the reason why so many of us that give our time and energy to people, communities, friends and family members and why we’ll continue doing so. We are naturally wired to be in the “service” of others because its a win, win for all.

Customer Service has become such a loosely used term. Is it time to bring back that autenticity and humility within the act itself?

Customer Service is really about being in your customer’s service. What are some practical examples of ways retailers can improve sales and build better customer relationships?

  • Firmly understand and believe that the culture of your business is everything to your success.
  • If you are a place staff want to work at, you will automatically qualify to be a place customers want to visit.
  • Displaying practical and consistent signs of gratitude to staff that go over and above the status quo is also an overlooked area of customer service. We must ensure we praise our people when it’s due.

For some, being in service to others is natural, for others not so much. One thing is for certain – no one can deny how we feel when we’re shown appreciation.

Barry is the owner of & He is a 40110 Training and Assessment Officer and a change agent on purposeful living. His pre-launch list for his new book on driving personal change is here: “The 11 Master Secrets to Business Success and Personal Fulfillment”. Barry will signing book copies at the Health, Harmony and Soul Festival on QLD’s Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre between Jan 22-24th, 2016. He can be contacted for corporate customer service events at his website:

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