Defining Our Top 5 People…


Inner-directed people have learnt that choosing the right inner-circle is critical to their success. I believe your inner circle should comprise of approximately 5 people.

The quality of the top 5 should be prevalent in the sense that they encourage you to move forward with your plans as well as act as guiding posts through pitfalls they potentially see coming up on our path to success.

So in the spirit of your success, ask yourself, have you identified your personal top 5 influencers? Do you know who they could be? Do you have room for them in your life? Do you already have them but believe you need to swap a few out? Perhaps you don’t know where to start looking?

Choosing our travelling companions on our success journey is critical being the social creatures that we are. If these people are chosen wisely, they can assist you in steering your ship into successful waters and show you how to get a handle through the sea’s of constant change as well as get a handle on those unexpected storms which test our resolve.

Identifying your Top 5 also means shifting away from unhealthy, outgrown or worn-out relationships. You know the people and situations I’m referring to; friends, family or colleagues who aren’t stretching or reaching for goals the way you now are.

Many of these people quite often can’t see it for themselves. Note to self: If others can’t see it for themselves, they certainly wont see it for me. Take that as a sign to move on. Do so immediatly.

A word on your current circiumstances;

Many people believe that successful people get lucky in life. This is rarely the case. Successful people aren’t often born in the perfect circumstances which offer growth. What they do have though is the innate ability to view their circumstances from an inspirational perspective and often, from this distinctive position, they see another angle to approach a challenge. The have become masters at forming the clay of their situations. Then, each successful outcome forms the foundation of their potential success and their next challenge.

Combining the right influences (your top 5) with the right attitude is a formidable combination. It enables you to continue on with support guidance along with your new boundless inspiration for possibilities.

Barry x


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