Inspiration = Transformation

Some refer to Inspiration as a daily reset button. An opportunity to discover daily possibilities anew.

The most motivated people in the world still have moments where clear decision-making is a struggle, so fuelling stations must be planned on the road to success.

The need for refuelling stations is prevalent when we’re planning to reach far-reaching destinations as we don’t know how long the trip will take and what we’ll find when we get there. To get the Inspiration we need, some of us read great books, others listen to music/podcasts and some get inspiration from seeing others break through their own barriers to success.

In business, as in our personal lives, many find their motivation comes from economic manifestations; that is, having the money to do what we really want to do.

However, many of us now know successful people have found the Inspiration behind why they do what they do. Look at the back-story behind every successful person, and you’ll certainly find a reason why they got up in the morning, aside from the obvious economic benefits.

The rest of us are seemingly stuck in a kind of subdued robotic trance, with an almost mechanical style to our routine, focused on the prosaic realities of paying debt and waiting for the weekend.

In our attempt to find Inspiration to do what we truly love, we must first understand the concept of time and time well spent. (It’s a perplexing and almost humours issue to consider: nobody knows how much is left in their time ‘bank’, yet spend it without thought).

So i ask you, how much time do you have to do what you love? How long will it take to reach the destination you’ve always wanted? Is today the day you’ll make the big decision to steer your vessel into uncharted waters? Or are we still living on the shore, just mesmerised by the water?

Steve Jobs once said that his motivation for making the “big” decisions in his life was the realisation that his time on Earth is limited. And he’d be right. We only have a certain amount of time here to make a difference and pursue what we love, so whether a decision made was poor or successful, it made little difference. If it was poor, we learn from it, if it was successful, we learn from it.

Always remember the enemy is not failure, the enemy is doubt. And if you doubt your worthiness or ability to reach your destination, you’ve failed by default.

Live YOUR life and Inspire your tomorrow.

Barry x


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