Inspire, Imagine, Know, Grow

This is a time in history which human beings have looked forward to for thousands of years. A time where connectivity and Inspiration combined with perseverance and tenacity can propel us into a future we’ve always wanted for ourselves, our loved ones and the world around us.

While some of us search for our own plot of individualism and creativity, one attribute which has been at the heart of every achievement, epiphany or realisation is locating a personal place of Inspiration. A place of Inspiration can propel us into boundless levels of energy and new opportunities to live a life we’ve only dreamed about. Its possible to live our dreams. Actually it’s probable that you will.

How do i know this without knowing you? Because you have something inside you which you have only began to touch on. A place filled with boundless possibilities and ‘what if’ scenarios to imagine a future we would love to live. What if i told you you were much closer to this future than ever thought possible. How do we fast track it there you ask?

Imagination is the key.

Over 100 years ago, a well know scientist postulated the Theory of Relativity. That theory and consequent achievements decades later, has made it possible for you to have a device which can engage satellites in your pocket. Now we’re pretty certain Einstein didn’t know or realise we would have this capability a short hundred years later, but his theory lead us all into a tonne of ‘what if’ scenarios which for the most part, has enabled large leaps in technological achievement which now literally rests, in the palm of our hands. When we think about it from this angle, it might also surprise us to know that one of Einstein’s most famous quotes was “Imagination is more important than knowledge”. Why would the leading scientist of the last 100 years postulate using our imagination is more important than the facts and knowledge itself? Good question and i personally have been allocating time thinking why this would be so. Then, lighting struck.

Imagination is the birthplace of knowledge.

Imagination helps us push the status quo and like Einstein and his Theory of Relaitivty, enables us to continue pushing ‘what if’ scenario’s.

So if imagination is the birthplace of knowledge, then Inspiration must be the birthplace of imagination. And if this stands true, Inspiration = Knowledge. We must be Inspired and motivated to achieve what is uniquely us. However, there aren’t a great many of us who become Inspired on a daily or weekly basis. Sure, we often perform acts of Love for family and friends which keeps us a state of semi-fulfillment and routine. However living a life without knowing what or who Inspires us may lead us away from our Imaginative (and knowledgeable) endeavours which only we have the power to bring forward. We will never know how far our achievements and ambitions will ripple out from our Inspired souls, but what we do know for sure is, if we never throw the pebble in the pond, no ripples of any magnitude will never begin their journey.

Start today to find your place of Inspiration and Imagination.

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Remember to always Live YOUR Life.

Barry x

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