Where’s Barry Next…?

Meet Barry at the MindBodySpirit Festival NSW 

MAR 13th 12pm and 14th 3pm 2020 @ ICC Sydney

12:00-12:45pm Speakers Lounge

CREATIVE VISUALISATION: Explaining the Law of Attraction Workshop! The Law of Attraction teaches us that our innermost thoughts and emotions act as a magnet. If we’re worried about a negative outcome, we’re giving fuel to the negative outcome. Since we expand whatever we give energy to, the Universe is giving us more of what we’re thinking and feeling. We live in an attraction-based Universe. Come and have a listen to how we can let go of negative narratives to a happier, abundant reality. Everything starts with you. Let me show you how…

“We must cultivate the ability to deal with negative moments and bungee-up to positive actions and thoughts as soon as we feel ourselves slipping into negative or doubtful thinking. We must do this as a conscious decision. Realise the lessons that will be learned from the current situation and take them on board with humility. When we pass through these discovery moments we’ll witness opportunities, the opening of doors and greatness manifest into our reality

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