New Beginnings…

Wow what a year. Its been extraordinary one for those pursing growth and seeking expansion on current possibilities. The year 2015 has been such a learning curve for most of us.

Iv’e dubbed it the year of ‘I know’. I know what I have to do, I know i should be living my purpose, I know if have to commit to it, I know he abuses me, I know I’m being taken advantage of, I know he’s been lying to me, I know they’re not truthful, I know I hate my job, I know i feel depressed. I know, I know…I know.

Knowledge only becomes relevant when we put into into action yet so many of us do nothing with the knowledge we have attained to improve our circumstances. It’s as thought we’ve become comfortable with the knowledge of knowing and life should take care of the rest. I wish it were that easy.

Having the knowledge makes us responsible to take action. There is no right or wrong time to take your knowledge into action. Now is the time to make it real, now is the time to start to edge towards your new future. Not the one you have now, but the one you’ve always wanted to live. You know the place I’m referring to.

So, if 2015 is the year if ‘I know’, let 2016 be the year of courage. Courage to step into the unknown, courage to feel the fear and do it anyway, courage to say I love you, goodbye or hello. Courage to turn the chapter.

But Barry, how do i get to where i want to be? Realise you’ve have everything it takes to take you where you want to be. Will there be bumps on the road when heading to our new destination? Yes. However, the bumps will be there wether we’re on that road or the one we’re on right now. Always remember, the crowd will get you as far as the crowd.

Its possible to live the future you want and if you need further assistance, there’s a book launching in Jan 2016 that might shine further light on your creative light-filed path.


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