Selecting Big Picture Staff

Staff selection would have to be one of the largest challenges we face in business. Selecting staff that actually see the big picture and believe in the corporate vision of the business is not only important – it’s necessary for success.

Fact: Unaligned staffs have the ability to sink a business that has taken years to build.

To a great degree, selecting Big Picture staff comes down to employers /HR managers asking the right questions at interview level and reaching decisions on pre determined criteria. However, if we want to attract the right candidate to begin with, our dedication must also be to soapbox the corporate mission, to keep telling the corporate story. The best way to do this is by telling everyone and anyone what you stand for and more importantly, what you don’t. If this is done as mainstream practice, people will automatically align themselves with what our beliefs are and will either align or waver from the belief system.

If we all believe our greatest assets are our people, we should be placing every available emphasis – not on finding the right people, but finding like minded individuals who believe in what you stand for and who will then find others who believe the same. This is why soapboxing your beliefs is so important and to understand why your company does what it does in your industry.

You must have an innate understanding of what makes you different. Ensuring staff understands, can explain and believe your USP is the first step to searching for loyalty alignment and growth in potential staff.

It is common business knowledge that when staff are excited, inspired and believe in a corporate story, they automatically incorporate a sense of pride and belief in their work. This goes well beyond remuneration.

Apple devotees continue to stay strong and some continue to “bend” over backwards to protect their brand. What are they protecting, an iPhone 6 or Apple’s vision? In many cases, these devotees have found their “why” and I personally find anyone with that level of belief, inspiring.

Is this belief system a human quality inherent in only a few people or an inbuilt quality in all of us? Most I’ve spoken to believe it’s a rare personality trait. I stand against them. I believe It’s in all of us.

Do we have the ability to fall in love with a corporate vision without a great deal of waver?? Can a company have a corporate vision with the strength to almost “impose” loyalty?

It can.

Step 1: Figure out why you do what you do

Step 2: Figure out what you won’t stand for

Step 3: Build it

Barry Nicolaou Director ShoeCircle / Director Barlan Consulting / Key-Note Customer Service Presenter

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