Stop Sabotaging Yourself!

We tend to do this from time to time on a subconscious level. We counter play what we would like to happen with the reality of what life has given us so far. Most encourage us to live in ‘reality’ without knowing there’s 7 Billion versions of reality.

Some negative examples would be; I would really love a new car (positive), but i know I can’t afford it (negative), I really want to go and have a good time tonight (positive), but I can’t be bothered (negative), I really want to start my own business and be successful (positive) but people have failed before (negative). It’s too easy, stop the negative and embrace the opportunity in the positive.

Every person who has, is currently, or is going to walk the earth, will have lessons they need to learn for growth. I’ve never doubted this for a second – there are no mistakes, only lessons for growth. We are all on our own personal learning curves mashed into a world which enables those learning curves to become a reality.

When we know this – that life has much to teach us for the evolution of our consciousness – we become more in the flow of realising that mistakes, drawbacks, let downs or challenges are there to teach us to keep going or find another way around to get us where we would like to be.

What many tend to do is sabotage our own efforts in wanting more with a deep seeded belief that we won’t get it.  The two areas are in complete opposition to each other and most are ignorant to the stagnant energy flow when we counter play the positivity we momentarily embrace. When we put a positive affirmation out there and say, I want a better life – we must not only understand thats it’s very possible to get a new life, but we must stop the negative narrative which overrides the script and tells us we wont get it – 90% of that conversation is negative and short circuits the positive momentum we’ve got going on for ‘a better life’. Instead say, ‘I know things are tough right now, but i look forward to the day when my positive momentum creates a life I truly desire – it’s going to happen, I just can’t tell you when’.

At the top of the evolutionary ladder, human beings have the uncanny ability for survival and some would argue, intelligence. We have the ability to do great things and a great many things  but we must believe in our ability to get there, wholeheartedly. We must hold true to the belief that if we stay on our path long enough, and make an effort to recognise just like a car, we hold the steering wheel to negate obstacles, we have the ability to reach any level of success or enlightenment we want. The sky is literally the limit. So go for it. Implement the following will help get you on your path.

  • Don’t be concerned with ‘HOW’ its going to happen – just move towards your dream with passion, relentlessly committed to its realisation.
  • Your VIBE creates your TRIBE. Watch who you have around you and if someone’s not inline with your new ‘its possible’ mindset or you feel is toxic to who you want to become, cut the cloth accordingly. No time wasters. Sorry, life’s too short.
  • Realise hardships are going to come regardless if you play it safe or risk it. Make sure to have a strategy for Murphy’s Law and when you do, tell Murphy to take a hike. Stay on your path.
  • Embrace meaningful conversations with passionate people who have been there or are on their own journey. You’ll help each other grow and together you’re stronger and in line with ‘the more’ you’re about to achieve for yourself and others.

Repeat the following everyday.

“I promise NOT to die full. Full of dreams, full of unexplored passions, full of love, full of understanding, full of gratitude and full of forgiveness. Giving is the key to living. Starting now I will make moves towards living my passion and if something stands in my way, hold on tight – I’m grabbing the steering wheel…

Barry xx

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