Sustained Imagination & Belief

There’s an old proverb – If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales. There’s magic in Imagination.

Children naturally have an awesome sense of creativity and Imagination. If their brain wants to play, it will make up the best and most exciting adventure, conjuring up all manner of non-sensical, yet illustrative possibilities through boundless potentialities. Can we fly? Absolutely. Can we eat space-mud? Why not? Can we dock with space pirates while saving the Earth from an interplanetary invasion? For sure. Its just awesome to see a human being unrestrained from the shackles of ‘keeping it real’.

As adults very few of us actually use the power of Imagination to live out our own personal potential. We tend to recognise the term as child’s play or worse, not living in ‘reality’.

When we’re re-inventing any part of our lives, Imagination is the blueprint to build your future.

SO keeping in the true spirit of Imagination, below i have invented two distinct tribes. The KIRCS and the KICCs.

First, ‘Keeping it real crowd’ –  the (KIRC’s). In this tribe, no one really steps out of their comfort zone – they do tomorrow what was done yesterday and their work week resembles more of a cookie-cut outfit, rather than daring to plunge into any type of daring adventure that could lead to personal bliss. Its seemingly safe there, its warm, and most who live there will sight security and a familiar outcome as the reason they live there. Children are usually taught to play it safe combined with harsh, sometime fear-based lessons on how risk taking is for others and more than often than not, leads you down an unhappy or disappointing path. The only imagination that exists here lie in the occasional fairy-tale stories that are read to their children before sleep. KIRC’s children will one day stop reading fairy-tales and unfortunately their imagination for possibilities will ultimately extinguish.

The second crowd is the ‘keeping it creative’ tribe (KICC’s). In this crowd, unconventional thinking is encouraged. KICC’s like their KIRC’s counterparts also read fairy-tales to their children – but with a deeper understanding between the link germinating from imagination to creative thinking that can lead to unconventional solutions into adulthood. The link then between possibilities and probabilities is also corrosion free. KICC’s kids, somewhat like their parents take certain risks in childhood as well as when they become adults. Not because any outcome is certain but because risk taking is part of out daily routine anyway.

Two innocuous examples flared by my imagination. And as much as we all fall into both camps on occasions, these two distinct houses still sit as a benchmark of wether we view Imagination as a blueprint for tomorrows success or as child’s play.

As aspiring adults most have substituted the word Imagination with the word belief. And what is belief but sustained imagination backed up by tangible or intangible proof.  A belief is an intangible, unreal, hypothetical, airy, elusive, evading, invisible thought in your mind – that is responsible for every experience we can see, touch and taste in our world.

If we can Imagine a future and believe it can exist. It’s only a matter of time….

So the question then must be; do you have the courage to imagine a future you want for yourself, seek opportunities to that end –  and suspend your disbelief until it manifests?

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