When I met Barry, I’d been incorporating many principles from the ‘law of attraction’ on & off for the past few years. However, the day before I met him, I realised I’d hit a wall with it all & literally, I prayed for extra support. That evening, I was presented with the opportunity to attend Barry’s workshop the very next day! Every cell in my body said “yes” & so I rearranged my schedule & made it happen. Of course, the usual excuses popped up but I was determined to go – and I’m so glad I did! It was the refresher I needed plus I gained some new insights. Thank you to the other wonderful women who were in the room that day & thank you, Barry, for “showing up” – you were a godsend!

There are so many people in this world when you walk around with your eyes, heart and ears open you are sure to attract the most perfect vibration.  Last week at Barry Nicolaou’s Explaining The Law of Attraction Workshop I was in a safe space to hear my soul whisper to me – Lisa, be vulnerable the world wants to hear your story – When Barry said “the beginning only looks like the end if you have given up halfway” I felt an overwhelming desire to hug Barry and thank him for his patience and passion to care for every person in the room.  Learning that each and every fibre of my needing to be focused on my passion was the most clarifying learning.  The overall experience is one you will have to do for yourself as I believe there is no one exact moment that would be the same for any one person.  Barry, you are a loving, trustworthy individual with a footprint 👣 on this earth making a difference and I feel so privileged to share our most precious commodity TIME.  Thank you 🙏 ️ Lisa Fogarty 


Many of you who know me, know that I am a relatively positive thinker. However today I met a man who challenged me to reflect on what I truly want and how I can achieve my wildest dreams. If you ever get the chance to listen to and engage with Barry Nicolaou, jump on it. You won’t regret a single moment and it’ll change your life. His motivational and inspirational seminar will stay with me forever. If you aren’t able to see him in person, then check him out online. He offers many courses on mastering your dreams and has even written a book available on Amazon called The 11 Master Secrets To Business Success & Personal Fulfillment. Barry, thank you for your wisdom, vision and kindness shown and shared today. You are changing lives and creating a wave of positive change rippling throughout the world. I will be eternally grateful to  Chris Knight for inviting me to your talk and for introducing me to such an amazing group of people. I am truly humbled by the experience. Thank you  Marjio Watt

“You spoke about reaching just one audience member in a room of 5000. Well, I was that one today! I wanted to come over and hug you at the end of your talk, but felt a little self-conscious to do this! So I would like to leave you this message. I have had my little business for 5 years! (Yes, your bamboo analogy made me tear up!)But today, at this moment in time I am ready to take the next step towards a better life for myself. I have done multiple seminars on the subject and as you say two weeks down the track I’m back where I started. Disillusioned with why it didn’t work out the way I’d planned yet again too, I had big worthiness issues as well! Small daily rituals- I hear you say! Gratitude/positive self talk/and not listening to the doubters! If you have a blog or newsletter you send out regularly, please sign me up for it! Thank you so much for your presentation today I’m a fan!!!! But more so, I hope to achieve my dreams!” Andrea – Storison “The 11 Master Secrets..”
IMG_3049 I attended the 11 Master secrets seminar hosted by Barry Nicoloau as a way to reflect on myself. Barry was able to provide me with a new spin on how to be successful in business.  The seminar helped us explore and overcome the negatives that are sometimes presented to us in life. The seminar explored what motivates us as individuals and to find our passion in life. Barry’s energy and passion left me feeling excited to find that passion and change!” Sandy Dekleva- “The 11 Master Secrets”
“Barry has presented a number of retail workshops to our sales team and each time we gain new ”gems” which make the difference between a sale and a lost sale, or, an additional sale to the same customer. Barry’s passion for exceptional service is genuine and infectious; his easy to implement ideas result in very happy customers, satisfied salespeople and great results! You will have fun and be very pleased you made the effort to listen to Barry!” Radah Petratos, Buyer – Shoe Box (10 Stores) 
I had an opportunity to have Barry present his “Management Aspects” seminar when I was in Sydney. Barry’s passion is so evident in his belief of good retail in Australia that if you plan to do one thing to improve your business and inspire your staff then it is to attend one of Barry’s presentations. Yes, we all know it to a degree and believe we can do it, but it is the implementation and the encouragement that Barry can inspire in you and your staff. I would recommend Barry’s seminars to all levels of the retail industry. As the biggest employer of people in Australia, retail staff need training and Barry is here to help our Industry. Value for money is amazing, think about how much our staff costs us and then see the results after they implement Barry’s ideas….It will be the best money you have spent on staff training in a while!” Janet Lane, Owner – Kendell’s Shoes (2 Stores) 
“Barry, I must congratulate you on your recent presentation which I thoroughly enjoyed. Your detailed insight into the retail industry was most enlightening, and you provided excellent suggestions on how to tackle many of the tough issues by our industry in the current economic climate. I would recommend Barry to anyone who has an interest in the future of their retail business!” Sally Bruderlin, Owner – Comfort Shoes (3 Stores)
I attended Barry’s Seminar “Stepping it up on the Shop Floor” and found the night enjoyable, inspirational and very energising. Barry was able to bring together theoretical and practical examples of everyday situations with such passion and clarity. And has the ability to do this with an abundance of energy and love but most evident was his passion for what he believes in – passionate retail – was truly something to experience. I feel I came home with some very useful information and tips which I will pass on to staff and other managers. Barry – please continue to inspire us all, well done. Ivor Davies, Owner – Davies Shoes (1 Store) 
Just thought I would write a quick note after attending your staff development and coaching evening – congratulations on a very informative and friendly workshop. It indeed encourages you to service and promote whatever product you have in a very informative and fun way. I will indeed be recommending each of my employees to participate in the next workshop. Cheryle Kobresly – Store Manager ECCO Tuggerah