Thank God It’s Monday..

They say passionate people look forward to Monday morning the same way others look forward to Friday afternoon.

The question we should ask is; can looking forward to a particular day shed any light on a mindset to who we are as dream chasers, and who we’ll become in the future?

Well, I think the best way to tackling the issue is firstly – contemplating what we’re seriously capable of achieving if we don’t give up, and Secondly – monitoring thoughts that primarily occupy our minds on a consistent basis.

One of the most profound statements we could ever consider is – ‘we become what we think about most’. Throughout history we’ve discovered that whatever enters our mind repeatedly will form a basis for behaviour which will in turn become our reality. If for example, we expose our minds to a consistent version of the status quo, we will eventually become supporters of it. If we search for new, more effective ways of serving our market, we’ll become supporters of it as well. If we’re told from a young age we’ll never amount to much, it will form part of our daily thinking and have a flow on effect on the action’s we’ll take.

The age old formula goes along the lines of, our state of mind will form a paradigm, a paradigm will form a habit, a habit will form a behaviour, a behaviour repeated over a long period of time will shape our life.

So in the spirit of the life we want to live, lets ask what our daily rituals say about us? Are there some rituals that we would like to change? Are there some we want to keep? Are we consistently exchanging unhealthy rituals for more healthy ones and so on…

All good questions that need answering…

Most people I’ve had the privilege of meeting look forward to Monday. And on the surface of it, this may seem crazy. But I’m beginning to think looking forward to Monday (for the passionate dream chaser of course), is such a profound discovery that it can’t be ignored any longer.

Monday’s are synonymous with the combustion of great ideas, fresh approaches and the tackling of passionate ‘What if’ scenarios. Monday morning is also the beginning of a new week, of which the outcome can not be seen. Monday’s are the beginning of Inspiration, of starting anew, of beginning a new exercise regime, a new mindset and a possibly, a new life direction. Monday is also the day we start tackling our biggest challenges and look forward to a new way forward.

If you chasing a dream, vision or new business, let’s discover the magic of Monday’s and shift our life purposefully in the direction of our passions…

Barry is the #1 International Best Selling Author of The 11 Master Secrets to Business Success and Personal Fulfillment. He is available for speaking engagements surrounding the most destructive personal habits which stop us from achieving the growth we want for ourselves professionally and personally. He is Director and founder of industry Agency and life-purpose website

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