The C Factor

Recently witnessing a warm and intimate exchange between a shop assistant and her customer it dawned on me, why are some people better with people that others and what bearing can this have on the service offering?

We would like to remove the shroud off the X factor and call it the C factor – The Care Factor. Retail staffs which successfully engage customers from a CARE or welfare point of view have a much higher probability of converting many potential customers to, in the moment, real time customers. Staff which follow a scrip or don’t have a genuine “in the belly” desire and belief that the retail exchange is much more than a black and white traction, often come across transparently as only sales focused or just plain not caring at all. These retail people have little warmth or empathy for customers to find the depth of their desires and fulfilling those with your product or service. These staffs more often than not diminish the return visit.

Staffs which have the Care factor often perform a magical act; intertwining their personality type with the What, When, How and Why of the service exchange. For Example;

  • What – are you after today?
  • When – do you think you could be using this item?
  • How – long will you be using the item for each time?
  • Why – do you needing this item?

Asking open ended questions has a two pronged effect. 1) It give the sales assistant specific information to offer the best product she/he feels best suits the customer’s needs and 2) it opens a dialogue with the customers which can lead to a warm service exchange which makes your retail store a pleasant place to visit now and in the future.

When a retail store acquires the right staff that have a belief for caring customers as a core attribute to their employment contract, it creates a culture which is embedded in the stores walls and before you know it, the store is known for something. When do stores know when they have this culture in their own stores? One indicator is when customers come in asking for sales people by name. In this case you know the staff member is not only a proud employee but CARES about their position and company, this can show greatly as the cash register. If you have these people working in your business, kudos to you.

Our message is; be very selective whom you have representing your business. Once you feel you have selected the right team to lead you into battle make certain to continue to motivate and appreciate their achievements and results. A close knit team will always work well with each-other and achieve better results than a team which struggles to bond a care for one-another.

Apart from financial motivation, owners should also practice ongoing appreciation to staff. This can sometimes do much more for staff morale and retention in the overall store environment. It also costs the owner no dollars at all and encourages continued employee work gratitude.