The Impossible Mile…

Mediocrity is never celebrated, yet we use status quo thinking as a benchmark for tomorrows undertakings. Revered men and women all over the world are the achievers most could never hope to be – too much risk and stubbornness for the average person. Much easier to wish for Friday, than pursue exciting Mondays. Cynical? Perhaps. True? Absolutely.

Potential is a big word. A much greater word than most would have us believe. To say there’s potential in someone or something beckons us to either become more and live-out tomorrows possibility of today’s idea Or move the conversation on to another subject.

We are all capable of growing individually but only a few dare to dream of what we CAN become if we muster the courage to pursue a calling or a higher path. Dreaming though, is a scary business. It involves using our imagination for the potential good rather than the potential bad (most of our external stimuli is fear based causing imagination to work for the dark side). And habitual thinking is an insistent mistress.

The core difference between people that make dreams happen in my opinion and those of us that perhaps don’t, is what i like to call the impossible mile Or I’m-possible mile. It takes a tonne of strong held belief in possibility, sacrifice, flexibility and healthy relationship with failure to live the I’m-possible life. Having an uncomfortable relationship with failure is where most get stuck. Failure plainly sucks i hear you, and its hard not to take it personally when we fail at something. Yet some seem to bounce back stronger from whatever failure they’ve been through. For these people, resilience seems to be laced within their personality. However contrary to common belief, I believe we ALL have the potential for amazing versions of ourselves, yet only some seem to push the button and make the dream a reality for themselves.

So lets look at a few areas you could be thinking about but not as yet had the courage to sort through?

  • Start a business? (more long term life balance)
  • Lose weight? (feel better and more confidence)
  • Earn an additional income? (pay down debt, nicer material things or help others)
  • Start a charity? (helping others)
  • Find Love? (finding your other half)
  • Mend a broken relationship? (unblocking love)


  1. Can we identify with any of the above ?
  2. Do we know anyone that has conquered any of the above and won?

Now lets look at Sir Roger Bannister and the day he broke the 4 min barrier – an IMPOSSIBLE feat that no one on earth had done. On the day he broke the barrier, Sir Roger had worked a shift at a London hospital and caught the train to Oxford. The British medical student brought forward an attempt to break the four minute mile – and succeeded – because he had heard word that another runner, Australian John Landy was about to try for the same mark, died.

Roger decided HE COULD break a world record. In doing so he unwittingly encouraged a whole legion of people (tens of thousands, including high school kids to this day) to do the same. What changed from the 6th of May 1954 to the 7th May? The answer is of course, actioned potential. It had now been done, so it was now possible to duplicate (or beat) Rogers record.

This is your new “no excuses” post to live your potential. To become all you can be instead of wondering and wishing for the success to come to you. My wish for you is to make amazing happen to become the highest and most potential-ised person you know and then, lead by example.

That life you want – the one where you’re excited to impact yourself and others with WHO you now are is waiting for you to grow into.

Make the hard move now and say YES to that life. If you need help discovering what it is, check out my personalised coaching sessions for direction.

Barry x

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Lets get inspired to live the best life we can. As we look around, we see poets laying bricks, musicians repairing cars, and shoe shop owners yearning for a pilot licence. What does it take to follow our dreams?? Can we do it? Is it really possible? One word gets us to action and that word usually k…

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