The Risk Myth

Most people believe that Risk actually lies in taking the chance. However as we travel through life we learn that every decision is all about perspective. Ask the same question on risks to a person with a life threatening disease and you’d certainly have a very different conversation on the importance of selective but consistent risk taking.

Risk is plainly disguised everywhere, everyday, every second we’re alive. So why do so many of us play it safe and why do so many regret doing so in later years?

I believe there are moments in life when a small leap of faith is indicated. If you think hard, you’ll know the moments I’m eluding to. It could be a decision surrounding a relationship, buying a property, moving to another city or starting/buying your own business. When we are seeking more from ourselves or to become more than we already are, we will occasionally see a small step. This will be the exact moment that will put you either further away or much closer to your vision.

I believe there are moments in life when a small leap of faith is indicated –

If we can encapsulate this into our thinking, i believe it will lead us to a greater understanding of our own personal development and Risk taking paradigms as it applies to personal growth and business success we want to achieve for ourselves.

Knowing intuitively that if we head into the direction of our chosen vision with a true trajectory, we will hit our target – without doubt.

The unknown factor of course is not the “if” we’ll make it but “when”. The obvious issue with “when” is we just don’t know. This is the greatest reasoning behind goal setting and why setting mini-goals inside larger goals is so important. It keeps us on track.

Unfortunately some believe they can casually stroll up to dreams with hands in  pockets. This attitude just won’t do. Having a causal attitude tempered with a risk adverse mindset, will make us a casual-ty of dream realisation. We have to run towards our vision with rigour, ambition and perseverance if we want it to happen at all.

The truth of it all lies in the fact we are all technically risk takers anyway. Getting up in the morning and driving your car to work is a risk we all take on an unconscious level (life/death). We do this everyday without realising we may very well not come home at night. We take risks with our finances, albeit mini risks and we take risks in love. Being Risk Averse is a Myth – we gamble with our life every time we step out of our front door.

Unfortunately some believe they can casually stroll up to their dreams with  hands in pockets..

If this reasoning stands true, none are really risk averse, we just lack the faith in ourselves to “get there” because of fears surrounding failure Or embarrassment. Truth be told, we take Risks sitting in the spectator stand or playing on the field and the older you get, you’re going to wish you were on the field, playing and learning the game. If you’re currently on the edge of decision, take this as a sign to take the next small step.

If we can keep this in mind, and realise our days are numbered in any case, we start to put ourselves into a dream chasing mindset where its not only possible to chase dreams, but necessary.

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