We’ve done it ! #1 International Best Seller…

There’s a fantastic feeling when you know you’re about to impact a beautiful life somewhere across the globe. Someone you haven’t met yet, someone you may never meet, a person who has loved ones, pet hates, pet loves, but like you, wants to shift their life into a powerful mindset surrounding purposeful living.

Well, the numbers are in….and I’m blown away.

The 11 Master Secrets to Business Success and Personal Fulfillment has officially hit #1 International Best Seller on Amazon in 6 countries and blitzing it in no less than 16 categories. What an achievement for everyone involved in making the is book so successful.

For Everyone who supported the official launch at the Health, Harmony and Soul Expo in Queensland, thank you so much for your support, your stories but most importably, thank you for allowing this book to be the catalyst for a change in direction and a more purposeful journey.

FullSizeRender[5]Due to ongoing requests, below are the official details and dates of our first Brisbane MasterClass 1 Day workshop derived directly from the book chapters. For Health Harmony Should expo members, as promised the details and payment for the next Brisbane Master class can be found here. Your Promotional code “Barry” will get you a $230 DISCOUNT!  – Only 12 Spaces in total and 6 spaces left.

Want to know what the book is about? The 11 Master Secrets are a combination of life’s greatest lessons on hardship, strategy, resilience and triumph. The ultimate secrets to achievement. The lessons are taken from achievers many of which have gone through struggle and doubt to reach the level of success they had wanted for themselves.

FullSizeRenderShould you choose to embrace this book, you will find in its pages a blueprint for achieving the destiny you’ve always wanted. The only criteria you need to have is to firstly the courage to begin and secondly the resilience to continue when life throws you those inevitable curve balls.

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