Why imagination is so Important


As children we were always naturally inspired to imagine. We needed no effort to Imagine because the simple fact was – Imagining a reality which didn’t exist was much more interesting and necessary than living within ‘reality’.

As time went by, things began to change. As we ended up becoming adults, life tended to knock us around a few times and we started to consider ‘what if we fail’ scenario’s more than, ‘what if we succeed’. We were sleeping with our old infamous friend failure – sneaky bugger – he had no Invite, yet still continues to crash the party.

Failure warned us not to try again or we would face certain disappointment. A disappointment which our adult hearts and minds were embarressed or unwilling to accept. So we climbed back into the hamster wheel and put Imagination in the top draw – right next to the children’s books. We figured that we’ll need it when we tell them how important it is to Imagine.

Failure warned us not to try again or we would face certain disappointment.

We head to work on Monday morning looking out the window – a hot cup of coffee in one hand and a quite desperate search for new content on the other – the phone.

However its not all doom and gloom.

Our ability to change is becoming stronger than it has ever been in our history. Last year in the U.S figures showed resignation rates were higher than redundancies. People ARE being Inspired and changing their own version of the crazy possible. They’re imagining again.

If our thoughts on the future can be positively inspired, our future can change very much quicker than we think.

So here’s 3 key points on Imagination we need to consider;

1. Understand creativity and Imagination enables the crazy possible to become the possible. (Did someone say NIKE Power Laces??)

2. Realise that Imagination is and has been the starting point for every new development which exists today. (Tesla Electric Cars)

3. Know that ‘Imagination is more important the knowledge’ – as the building blocks of tomorrows future. – written no less by Albert Einstein.

Just like we allow ourselves time everyday to sleep, eat, and spend time with family, we have to allow what I like to call Uninterrupted Imagination Time.

Well, whoever you want to be in life or whatever you want for yourself and others, I encourage you to spend time imagining yourself already in possession of that really.  For example; if you wanted to own a meditation retreat; What does your meditation retreat look like? How many car spaces are in the car lot, how far is it from the actual main city? How many people work there? What time does the yoga class start? What sort of food would you be serving, Vegan? How many hours do you spend there a week? Do you have a house on the premises only a short walk to your healing retreat, are there Horses there? What’s the name of your retreat? Can you offer a coach – city transport service? How much could you charge for that? Could you offer a package price for a weekend stay? etc..

What does your meditation retreat look like?

We must get quite specific about our own meditation retreat. The more specific we get about what we want in our lives, the more the mind will actually see opportunities to make it happen. Always remember, if you want a particular type of future, imagine it real right now, and then you’ll easily set yourself up to actually getting there. If you’re having trouble Imagining it, drop me a line for some 1 -1 time.

Always remember: Imagine it real now, then start to lay your foundations on the methods and how you’ll make your dream a reality. How do i know this to be true? If the mind can make the mental leap, the body will inevatably catch up.

Barry x

Barry is the #1 International Best Selling Author of The 11 Master Secrets to Business Success and Personal Fulfillment. He is available for speaking engagements, radio interviews and talks surrounding the most destructive personal habits which stop us from achieving the growth we want for ourselves professionally and personally. He is Director and founder of industry Agency ShoeCircle.com.au and life-purpose website barrynicolaou.com

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