Why Motivation is useless without this one thing…

In School or working life, motivation makes zero sense. It rarely lasts, and can offer us the feeling of sinking further beneath our pre-motivated mood.

The ONLY way Motivation works is when it is supported by Immediate action.

It’s how mega Churches make their money, how artists sell their albums and It’s the way all big marketing guru’s in the US and AUS sell millions on stage.

Yes, millions.

So if ‘motivation’ is instilling an idea in you that you’re capable of much more than you think you are, Inspiration is different altogether.

Inspiration is when an idea gets a hold of you.

And your soul awakens to a new truth.

While I inspire people through podcasts talks, seminars, Insta messages, 1-1 coaching, Facebook groups, FREE 28 day email client programs etc.. the fact remains that any power for change your searching for has always been, and always will remain, within you.

I only make you aware of it.


And It’s the consistent part that counts because in the hustle, bustle and stress of life, we’ve certainly forgotten who we could be, and have settled for what we have.

We are creators. Not Followers.

And if we’ve stopped creating, we’ve forgotten ourselves and made it feel ok.

The only fuel you can create with to make you say ‘hell yes’ to your idea, is Positive Inspiration.

So in light of YOUR new Inspiration, I’m adding a new coaching product to my growing line up thats affordable and accessible.

And you need to pay attention here because this is what’s going to help you turn things around.


You can read all the books, go to all the seminars and speak to all the guru’s and in the end you’ll discover one thing. If Motivation or Inspiration isn’t consistent, its a waste of your time and money. If it’s not being delivered to your front door, phone, laptop or online course every week or month, it’s going to to more harm than good.

Consistency is the key. To everything.

It’s the Inspirational equivalent to the fountain of youth inside you. But it needs to be flowing. All the time.

So welcome to my on-going Secret Monthly newsletter called The Power of Positivity Newsletter Club.

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