You’ll see it, when you believe it….

He was having an argument of the merits of faith. Pointing out as his main argument that if God was indeed real, he would be here presenting himself today to all of humanity. Despite his family coming from a strong Catholic faith, Peter just didn’t want to hear or accept the F word; Faith. It was too far of a stretch for him. Finally the age old adage came about as Peter confirms with conviction that ‘He’ll believe it when he see’s it’.

Easy enough to understand his logic. Peter was after-all ruled by evidence based left-brain logical thinking. In Peter’s mind, his reason’s for making a rational argument on spiritual understanding was totally logical and correct.

Making a mental leap of faith in believing in a higher deity and or to awaken into a spiritual understanding for some is a more natural process than it is for Peter. After all, a long held belief, or strong subconscious paradigm has been proven to trump logic everyday of the week. We as human being are ruled in excess of 80% by our emotions.

As we understand, digest and massage our various view points on countless topics; It’s important to sincerely consider absolutes do not belong in the conversation. There is no one way to climb a mountain, there are countless ways. Everything is in a state of opinion, current fact and growth which is changing and flowing forever.

There is no wrong or right way to view or believe in religion for example, just like there is no wrong or right way to make an apple pie. If the pie tastes sensational to the person eating it, what does it matter who made it or what the measure of ingredients were used to make it rise; it succeeded in being an apple pie. Our trouble arrises when we start comparing recipes and state why we believe our recipe tastes best while the opposing kitchen does the same. Why can’t we just enjoy the pie and celebrate what the pie does for us…and even on occasions, take a walk into a different kitchen.

Henry FORD had it best when it came to personal belief. “Whether you think you can or think you can’t –  you’re right”. It’s whatever you believe to be true that you’ll continue to see examples of and search for throughout your life. And then we’ll convince others that our beliefs are the correct ones and sight data/examples to support our arguments. And the other side will also do the same because they’re speaking from the vantage point of their beliefs and examples for their own experience. Understanding and Love are the two undercurrents that lie concurrently when baking any apple pie. Love is indeed the true universal language when understanding the human condition and when tolerance is called for.

It’s whatever you believe to be true that you’ll continue to see examples of and search for throughout your life.

From the standpoint of deeply spiritual individuals, the pinnacle of their faith stands from their actual experience. It’s hard to tell a runner, he can’t run a 4 minute mile, when he’s just done it. He’ll tell you you’re simply ignorant as it’s already in his experience – its been done. Just like telling someone who’s had a tangible, measurable spiritual awakening that they’re delusional or somehow not using their logic. For them, the experience has been had, they’ve experienced something which has made them believe, yet some feel the need to judge what is a very personal experience and journey for an individual.

In Dr Wayne Dyer’s book “Wishes Fulfilled” the distinction is put quite suscinctly;

Quote: “In order to know something intellectually you engage in the practice of Mental discipline, studying, researching remembering facts participating in discussions and seeking expert opinions. Ultimately you draw your conclusions about what you’ve been analysing, you know the facts and confident you’ve mastered the thinking process for your desired result.

Knowing something spiritually is a very different matter altogether. Here you can cogitate, ruminate and analyse Endlessly Without accessing any more enlightened awareness About what you are studying. In order to know something spiritually you must first experience it, there is no other way. You cannot simply think your way to a new awareness, you must experience it and the only vehicle you have available Is the higher awareness of yourself and your feelings. Ask, What does it feel like in your body. You may have placed a picture in your mind, in your imagination of who you would like to be but if you can’t assume the feeling of that wish Fulfilled you’ll find it impossible to make that future feeling A present fact”.

Imagination is also the key defining factor to also consider when taking into consideration a concept that is foreign to our thinking paradigms. Imagination is responsible for everything that is in our life at this moment, from the chair we’re sitting on to the smartphone we are using. Imagination is the prequel to manifestation.

So in taking a few view points into consideration, I hope you’ll agree we should consider swapping the age old of “I’ll believe it when i see it”, to, you’ll see it, when you believe it.

Here’s to having the courage to create and believe in the future we want for ourselves and the world. With enough belief and tenaciousness – we can create any life we want to live. Now, on to courage….

Barry x

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